Coil Winding News

  University of Minnesota researchers awarded more than $4.5 million for renewable energy research
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Announces XMC/PMC Digital Transmitter Module
TRW Opens New Japan Engineering Center to Support Japanese Customers

New Electrical Transformers Will Improve Power Quality

ABB Endorses Efficiency Standards for Distribution Transformers
Underwriters Laboratories Advises Consumers Regarding Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Molecule makes Electric Motor
MIT to lead ambitious lunar mission
Copper Motor Rotors Boos Performance of Army Trucks
Honeywell To Increase Production And Energy Efficiency For Specialty Paper Maker In Mexico
Dow Footwear Solutions Launches a 'Clicking' Campaign for Soles4Souls, the Shoe Charity
Parker, FedEx Ground Announce Hydraulic Hybrid Joint Testing Program
Telia Stofa Selects Motorola Hybrid Set-Top Box for Denmark
Technical Articles
  Building an isolation Transformer
How Does Winding Metal Type Change Transformer Properties?
Researchers at Penn State have developed a motor that can be built as thin as a CD case
Production Testing of Low Resistance Stators & Armatures
Consideration for step motors in Space Applications
Hybrid Insulation Enables Better Transformer Design
Investigation of Turbine Electric Motor Winding Failure rate data (pdf file)
Electrical Motor Diagnostics for Generators
Design & Test Flux gate generator
Designing Squirrel Cage Rotor Slots with high Conductivity  
Beta Introduces its new DSS-1000 Transformer series  
Application Notes on Rectifier Transformers
How do I adjust the output voltages on my prototype transformer ?
Surge/HiPot/Resistance Tester
Baker Instrument offers a great deal of flexibility in providing fault recognition in one convenient instrument. The AWA 2.2 integrates a wide range of electrical tests with the hallmark quality of a Baker. This instrument supports all major electric tests in a single field portable unit including Surge, DC HiPot, Step Voltage,Continuous Ramp , Meg ohm and Winding Resistance.  More...                


Multi-Speed Coil Winding Machine
Broomfield 100 coil winding machine provides for winding up to a 10" (254mm) diameter coil. Four speed ranges allow for various winding speeds and torques.It Features, Four speed ranges with variable speed within each range. Maximum speed 5250 RPM, Welded steel construction for superior strength, Electrically actuated brake for positive stopping,   More ...               


Capacitor for Electric Motors
Italfarad - Italy offers wide rnage of capacitors for use in running single-phase asynchronous motors and in all general AC applications at 50/60Hz, ITALFARAD proposes a range of self-healing capacitors, manufactured using a self-extinguishing plastic case filled with resin. This range gives very good electrical reliability together with high mechanical resistance to shock and vibration  More...                

Toroidal Winding Machine
Jovil / Universal Manufacturing offers the newest addition to our line of Toroidal Winding Machines. The Model SMC-1E offers the customer high production outputs and rugged dependable construction without the high cost. By reducing the physical size of our present SMC-1 Model we are able to offer a fully programmable winding machine at a very affordable price. The important features have not been sacrificed More ...                
Starter Motor & Alternator Tester
LINK Starter Motor and Alternator Tester offers a means for testing automotive starters and alternators in either a production or a development environment. An extensive line of units designed to eliminate defective starter motors before installation has been developed for one of the worlds largest automotive manufacturers and one the largest Tier 1 suppliers. More ...        
Thermal Protector for Motors & Transformers
Portage Electric Products Inc introduces a small, versatile snap-action thermal protector used mainly in motor, transformer, and lighting applications with 120, 240, or 277 VAC loads. Available with various bimetallic elements to match the circuit-breaker characteristics of the device to the application More ...            


Coil Taping Machine
Ridgway Machines Ltd – UK offers taping head uses low or high resin tapes for OEM or repair coil shops. It applies tapes at a nominal 50% overlap over the "in-slot" area and end legs of the coil or bar. In the case of a closed coil the length of covering is limited only by the clearance for head access More ...                 



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CNC Four Spindle Winding Machine More ...
Programmable Toroidal Winding Machines more...
Epoxy Potting and Polyurethane Potting Products more...
Powder E-Cores and Iron-Silicon Cores more ...
Toroidal Turns Analyzer more...

SPS Electronic GmbH (manufacturer of Test Equipments)

Founded in 1980 SPS electronic in Schwäbisch Hall. Together with partners in several European countries we develop and produce test techniques in the field of electric safety and then sell same around the world. We mainly focus on test systems, single devices and service. We can guarantee a close to the service because we have representatives all over Germany and independent trading companies throughout Europe, in America and the Far East. more.....


Insulation And Design Of Electrical Windings

INSULATION AND DESIGN OF ELECTRICAL WINDINGS - It is generally recognised that insulation constitutes the most vulnerable part of electrical machinery, and manufacturers and users alike are confronted with the problem of how to ensure the maintenance of electrical service while dependent on materials known to be of an unreliable character. The extremely unmechanical nature and general unsuitability of the commercial insulating materials for withstanding the high temperatures and stresses occurring in service, has discouraged any wide-spread scientific investigations of directly practical application. As a result, therefore, insulation problems have in the past been solved largely by process of trial and error.




Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide

The Ultimate Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide is a one-stop reference covering the theory, design tools, and techniques necessary to create the Tesla coil using modern materials.This unique resource utilizes Excel spreadsheets to perform calculations and SPICE simulation models on the companion website to enhance understanding of coil performance and operating theory. Author Mitch Tilbury





Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook

Extensively revised and expanded to present the state-of-the-art in the field of magnetic design, this third edition presents a practical approach to transformer and inductor design and covers extensively essential topics such as the area product, Ap, and core geometry, Kg. The book provides complete information on magnetic materials and core characteristics using step-by-step design examples and presents all the key components for the design of lightweight, high-frequency aerospace transformers or low-frequency commercial transformers. Author Colonel Wm. T. McLyman





Practical Electric Motor Handbook

This book will allow engineers and designers to marry the technologies they know about with motor technology, and hence to incorporate motors into their products. Of the many good books on motors, such as Electric Motors and Drives by Hughes, none offer the engineering professional a tailored guide to motors taking into account their expertise. This book fills that gap. Author Irving Gottlieb




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