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Model 1000 Toroidal Turns Analyzer






The Model 1000 is designed to be used in production environments to test for actual turns on toroidal cores. It is able to test single winding toroids as well as multiple windings. It automatically compensates for variations in core permeability. This circuit is protected by US Patent 4,990,860.


LED indicators are provided to inform the operator of continuity to the test clips and relative polarity of the winding under test. A Mode switch allows the unit to be used with internal calibration or to be adjusted to an external standard. When used in the Relative Mode, it can measure toroids of "square loop" and other exotic core materials.Several versions of the Model 1000 are available. The 1000-A offers a microprocessor controlled display that allows the use of an internal reference coil. This reference coil reduces temperature drift of the unit to less than .1% per 10( F (5C). The -A unit also offers auto-ranging to 5,000 turns.


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